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accounts owned

[community profile] rainbowtrain
[community profile] deviously
[community profile] shonichi
[personal profile] heartgata (not technically)

Osmar | [personal profile] fortisludus | OC/NPC Kyriakos (formerly)
Rowena | [personal profile] flightful | OC/NPC Kyriakos (currently)
Scathach | [personal profile] shadowyone | MYTHOC/NPC Aather (formerly)
Evangeline Demaree | [personal profile] debaters | OC
Emilia Noire | [personal profile] ofheroics | OC/FFXIV

Riley Matthews
[personal profile] plutoisms
[personal profile] smallestplanet
[personal profile] morotia
[personal profile] girlmeetsribbons
Farkle Minkus
[personal profile] thewonk
[personal profile] donniebarnes
Akira Okuzaki
[personal profile] promising
Annabeth Chase
[personal profile] markofathena
[personal profile] owlhead
Ron Weasley
[personal profile] theking
[personal profile] knight_to_king
Saki Watanabe
[personal profile] imaginechange
Hermione Granger
[personal profile] spellcastings
Hazel Levesque
[personal profile] courageousrider
Rin Hoshizora
[personal profile] nyaadol
Cleo Eastman
[personal profile] musicon
[personal profile] broadening

Leo Valdez | PJO/HOA | [personal profile] reused
Takamina the 5th | AKB0048 | [personal profile] graduation
Thor Odinson | MCU | [personal profile] hammertizeme
Lee Shaochung | Digimon | [personal profile] fledglingtamer
Nagihiko Fujisaki | Shugo Chara | [personal profile] beatjumper
Arika Yumemia | Mai Otomoe | [personal profile] otomeofjustice
Lightning | FFXIV | [personal profile] notmaternal
Madoka Kanami | Puella Magi Madoka Magica | [personal profile] madokami
Astrid Hofferson | How to Train Your Dragon | [personal profile] bestvikingever
Abigail Lincoln | Codename: KND | [personal profile] numbuh_five
George Weasley | Harry Potter | [personal profile] theholyone
Aang | Avatar: The Last Airbender | [personal profile] hotsteps
Manaka Mukaido | Nagi no Asukara | [personal profile] lostwish
Nana Komatsu | NANA | [personal profile] hachis
Joshua Matthews | Girl Meets World | [personal profile] uncleboing

Reyna | PJO/HOA | [personal profile] praetorship
Nozomi Toujou | Love Live! | [personal profile] snowhalation
Honoka Kousaka | Love Live! | [personal profile] startdash
Niko Yazawa | Love Live! | [personal profile] idolresearch
Tris Prior | Divergent | [personal profile] daringfreedom
Eddard Stark | GOT | [personal profile] ofhonor
Akira Touya | Hikaru no Go | [personal profile] baringfangs
Hikaru Shindou | Hikaru no Go | [personal profile] saisgo
Nase Asume | Hikaru no Go | [personal profile] karaokego
Cheiri Sono | AKB0048 | [personal profile] newcenter
Jerome Clarke | House of Anubis | [personal profile] persistently
Nagisa Hazuki | Free! | [personal profile] froghops
Homura Akemi | Puella Magi Madoka Magica | [personal profile] refates
Cecily Campbell | Sacred Blacksmith | [personal profile] knightguard
Aqua | Kingdom Hearts | [personal profile] waterwheeling
Yoshino Fujieda | Digimon | [personal profile] thisistheworst
Rei Ryuguzaki | Free! | [personal profile] speedo_glasses
Himawari Shinomiya | Vivid Red Operation | [personal profile] yellowoperation

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